Friday, November 21, 2014

Giving it away!

Well! It's been a long time comin' round.
You probably didn't notice I was MIA, but I feel a little like I've been on another planet!

In the past year I've lost my Mother, sold a house, bought another, and sold my shop building.  I've sorted dozens of files and papers and clothes and boxes, held 2 garage sales and 1 auction.    And donated more stuff than I had ever hoped to own or acquire!

Now I have moved my quilt and needlework shop into a small house, much smaller than the building I had on Main St, much smaller by about 1/3, actually.

Hence, a giveaway!

Did I mention fabric?  I have lots! Tubs of it - boxes of it - shelves of it.  Everyone who comes through the shop door is expected to take home a piece.  Still got too much of it!

So, for any of my followers here in the USA, if you comment on this post, I'll send you a free yard of fabric. No cost to you, no gimmick, no fear.

I'd love to open it up to the whole world, but I can't afford the postage!

So again - just leave a comment  here before December 1st - and I'll need a postal address sent to .

Thanks so much, I'll be back!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Maxine over at Maxine's Quilty Blog is the winner of 6 half yard cuts of the newest Muslin Mates from Moda!
My favorites are the chevrons:

followed closely by the dots - although the dots are gaining rapidly.  And then the sprigs and then the scissors.  Actually I really like them all, and I hope Maxine does too!!
THANKS everyone who entered the giveaway!!